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soteria8 co. ltd.

Soteria Robotics & AI for

Resilience Diagnostics

Robotics & AI

to maintain aging cities against natural disaster

AI engineering startup specializing in aftermath of urban engineering


Extreme weathers distort urban engineering

Building collapse

-$1B loss per disaster

Aging SoC collapse

20~30% of bridges exposure to danger

Unexpected failures

+20% more machine stops

Soteria Solution

Robot & AI platform can detect signs of risk

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Collecting vision & vibration data from infrastructures

Vibration,ultra-sonic, Acoustic Emission, ect.

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AI Model

Analyzing vision and patterns to discover abnormal data sequences

Time series, Computer vision, Large Models

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Visualizing resilience risk caused by natural disaster

Vibration to frequencies, OpenData APIs

Soteria Product

Platform to save your people and business

Building Resilience AIoT

  • Detecting vibrations caused by both inherent vibrations and external impacts.
  • Alarms when abnormal patterns indicating potential collapse

Infrasturcture Resilience AIoT

  • detecting changes in vibraions of bridges
  • Alarms when vibration shows collapsing sequence

Seawalls Resilience SaaS

  • Utilizing drons for aerial photography and collecting
  • AI to detect concrete cracks before and after typhoons


Machine Anomaly detection AIoT

  • Vibration IoT sensors to rotating machinery
  • Collecting vibration data for unsupervised learning
  • Detecting abnormal vibration frequencies


Business model

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  • Lease fee of drones and AIoT sensors (CAPEX free)
  • In-house developed ultra-sonic diagnosis device
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  • Monthly subscription fee for custom AI model
  • Additional monthly maintenance fee for hardware premium package
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Data Sales

  • Insurancce companies, banks, credit rating agenciesm and other financial institutions
  • Governments and local authorities in disaster preparedness and response

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